Comments by Brett Tolley

🕐 06-6-17 4:46 PMbtolley
Canada Harbour Place
MV Europa docked at Canada Place , Vancouver, BC
🕐 01-25-17 8:40 PMbtolley
By: eriver
torralba wrote:

Она красива и потрясающий! Отправить привет ей мои с этой стороны мира. :)\n\n\n

She is very stunning! Olga and Lydia are two of my favorite's
🕐 01-24-17 5:48 PMbtolley
Gastown Steam Clock
07:00 Sunday Morning. Still fairly quiet.....
🕐 12-26-16 1:56 PMbtolley
A99M2 with Zeiss 2470F28Z
Absolutely amazing beast, especially coming from A850. Every lens just got 30%+ sharper..
🕐 12-26-16 12:06 PMbtolley
A99M2 with Zeiss 2470F28Z
My new "baby" with my Zeiss 2470F28Z lens attached.
🕐 12-26-16 12:01 PMbtolley
Christmas with Sony A99M2
My second shot taken with new Sony A99M2
🕐 01-22-16 5:32 PMbtolley
Photo 39289
Awesome capture!
🕐 01-21-16 7:12 PMbtolley
By: eriver
Olga! She is a stunning model. Really nice work Maksim!
🕐 12-31-13 8:49 PMbtolley
My Stuff
Just a few things taken with my new Sony RX100M2
🕐 09-22-12 11:19 AMbtolley
Here's the Rose taken with the Zeiss lense. The previous version was actually taken with the Sony SAL1002.8 Macro. My appologies.
🕐 10-8-11 3:58 PMbtolley
Photo 13110
Thanks Zeissy
🕐 09-24-11 3:57 PMbtolley
By: joecan
Gorgeous picture.
🕐 09-10-11 11:30 PMbtolley
Photo 14300
Thanks very much Aquilan.
🕐 07-29-11 1:57 PMbtolley
Deep Colors
By: labbai
Very nice. I like the sky very much, and nice colours.
🕐 07-26-11 11:59 AMbtolley
By: zeissy
Nice picture. I like the colours very much.
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