Comments by Kimberly Siebert

🕐 03-5-11 12:43 AMkimberly cher
My Son
god bless his pea pickin heart.. I LOVE THIS PICTURE.. THE LIGHT FALL OFF IS PERFECTION.
🕐 03-5-11 12:42 AMkimberly cher
Photo 6647
nice.. would looked cool if you had a ground light showing up at ther mid section and stomack with some light fall off.. gorgoues.
🕐 03-5-11 12:37 AMkimberly cher
Photo 7147
better, - but. shes got a handk coming out of her head, she has bubble snad a fish sticking out of her back and shoulder. and alswo white bubbles comeing out of her head again. I think those things need to be cloned out - or replaced with something not as ovvious, but- stuff coming out of her head is a big no no - and is very distracting.

also with the 2 3 fingers coming out of her right side (our left side while looking at her).. those need to be removed all togheter.. looks like something is grabbing her from behind........ everything else is okay, althoug her hand placement on the lap seems forced.. She should turn her hand out -and have the fingers pointing UP towards the top of the lam shad... (am i making sense?) LOVE THE BLACK AND WHITE!!!!
🕐 03-5-11 12:33 AMkimberly cher
Photo 7081
weird crop.. youneed to brop more aboove at her waist or show the leggs, you can't crop off like that, she looks missing appendages. everything from gher top of the skin starts on the chest to the armas and face is a great start, fine tweaking is need a mit, like putting the elbow closer toghet and furhter away from the face a few in ches to get rid of that weir shados on the right side of her face.

Also, yould have photoshopped the wrinkles in her armmpits, and the neck 'point' jutting out down to her chest. Her face sould be the subject, the falloff subject should be the background - just to tye everything in.

plus you can see the Pins that are holding her dress toether right there on the side... and hair pieces are sticking to her back. again a little distracting.

Great idea - great toughts... just need some major fixing and you could have a killer shot.

again, id crop from the top of the blouse up, since it is just a messy wrinkly shirt with stick pins or safetly pins holding her together. She is a lovely girl thouhg!!!!

(do you mind me tell you this stuff? Thisi s what it is for (for critiquing, right?)

if you want my help - let me know!
🕐 03-5-11 12:23 AMkimberly cher
Photo 7782
By: donuss
very very nice
🕐 03-5-11 12:22 AMkimberly cher
The eye
By: donuss
🕐 03-5-11 12:22 AMkimberly cher
Art Plant
By: donuss
🕐 03-5-11 12:21 AMkimberly cher
Photo 9048
By: donuss
very very nice - I douuuble dig this!!
🕐 03-5-11 12:18 AMkimberly cher
Byodo-In Temple, O'ahu, Hawaii
jjees anymore perfect// id like to see more fill light and a little more highlihgts.. but - thats JUST my opinoin.. regardless, its very pretty.
🕐 03-5-11 12:16 AMkimberly cher
perfection.. wheres banksy when you need him.
🕐 03-5-11 12:15 AMkimberly cher
Photo 9319
By: sebz
love love love love love love the sweetness of this... all the lines... just awesome.
🕐 03-5-11 12:12 AMkimberly cher
Photo 4773
you should dodge out the lighthouse though to bring the eye to it more.. and - just a thought... dodge out the mossy part of the rocks in front and to the left of the foreground of the image!!! theres a TON of detail there you can pull out. I can help you there too if you like.
🕐 03-5-11 12:11 AMkimberly cher
Photo 4773
very nice - very nice..
🕐 03-5-11 12:10 AMkimberly cher
hey Herry, Would you mind lettting me work on this one for you?
I have some ideas.. Ill give the original image and the worked on image sent back to you. I have a great ideal on how to bring out those details. You have alot there.

Here is my website. please see that im not a flake or a theif. and my flickr is

and my facebook (so you can see my friends are normal and so am I - my name on facebook is kimberly deignan siebert or kimberly siebert deignan...

I would love to edit this image for you.

let me know if that is okay.


Kim - (i dont want to change without your permission!)
🕐 03-5-11 12:06 AMkimberly cher
love it! the whites are a little cyan though... nice comp
🕐 03-5-11 12:04 AMkimberly cher
Photo 2642
By: JT
🕐 03-5-11 12:02 AMkimberly cher
Photo 2627
By: JT
Nice Comp!!!!! Nice b/w.! would have been even that MUCh better if you could have slapped a reflector up under this side of his face, say laying up across your legs to shine up the silver side up on his face.. id like to see more detail in his face. It a picture that couldhave a huge story for sure!
🕐 03-5-11 12:01 AMkimberly cher
Photo 2626
By: JT
great shot, but a littlt bit too pink/magenta in your shadow on his shirt.. I love this lens though! great shot Jorge
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