Comments by George Prevost Iii

🕐 11-30-11 5:15 PMmisfit
The Teen
This is awesome! Love the light. Almost looks like off camera strobe balanced with the daylight, or were all the conditions just right as is. Like low afternoon sunlight hitting just right. Cool! and love that lens.
🕐 03-11-11 7:25 PMmisfit
Photo 9546
By: sebz
Yes! Tonal range is magnificent. And all the elements tonal and physical, lead you right to the light reflected off those center windows. Perfect compelling image!
🕐 03-11-11 7:14 PMmisfit
Into the Fog
I like it! Out of focus is smooth, and Ashley always captivates!
🕐 03-9-11 4:39 PMmisfit
Photo 9504
By: jeroen
Most excellent! I keep coming back to look at this one. Captivating. The 50 1.4 definitely has its place. Thank you
🕐 03-7-11 8:05 PMmisfit
35mm SOOC
Nice example
popflash photo
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