Comments by Takahiro

🕐 06-9-11 4:18 AMtakabey
Photo 8888
Thank you very much!
It was the building which seems to be alive.
🕐 04-16-11 8:28 AMtakabey
Honolulu~twilight awakening
By: zeissy
Very beautiful!
🕐 04-16-11 8:27 AMtakabey
Punchbowl Crater
By: zeissy
It is a colorful bridge:-)
🕐 04-16-11 8:24 AMtakabey
Photo 8886
Thank you for comment!
🕐 02-12-11 4:26 AMtakabey
Photo 8794
By: akul
It seems to be cold. Also in Tokyo, it snowed yesterday.
🕐 02-12-11 4:21 AMtakabey
Photo 8083
By: akul
This is a very beautiful photograph.
Parallel lines are going to the sky:-)
🕐 02-11-11 7:59 PMtakabey
Photo 8887
This is a Japanese bar street:-)
🕐 02-11-11 7:56 PMtakabey
Photo 8888
Thank you for the comment´╝ü
An industrial region of Japan has many such buildings.
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