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🕐 12-8-15 9:17 AMetrs posted Click to view details
Inside Buckskin Gulch. Coyote Buttes, Utah.
Photo by: hyperfocal
Very nice! Some day I hope to get back to the west. Couple more years til retirement and that's definitely on my bucket list. Have to settle for the Adirondacks, Catskills and the Berkshires for the time being.
🕐 12-8-15 9:10 AMetrs posted Click to view details
Tin Cup Joe Falls. Washington Cascades
Photo by: hyperfocal
Big fan of waterfalls
🕐 12-8-15 9:09 AMetrs posted Click to view details
Ice Cave. Columbia Glacier, Washington State.
Photo by: hyperfocal
Love the light
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🕐 03-19-12 1:57 PMetrs posted Click to view details
Hall of Springs
Photo by: etrs
Thank you. We were just walking through and I liked the light. No tripod, no photoshop. I hadn't even thought of it in B&W. Might just give it a shot. (no pun intended)
🕐 08-29-11 8:44 AMetrs posted Click to view details
Sunset at Bug Point
Photo by: etrs
The last rays of sunlight shining over Portland, ME. The schooner in the background very kindly sailed into the picture at just the right moment.
🕐 08-29-11 8:40 AMetrs posted Click to view details
The Boiling Pot
Photo by: etrs
Several times while visiting Canajoharie, NY I took a walk down to Canajoharie Creek. One of New York States scenic waterways and a photographic treat in any season. This one was shot on July 4, 2011
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🕐 08-11-11 3:50 PMetrs posted Click to view details
Photo by: beata556
I work in a lab and see more pictures of flowers and sunsets than I ever wanted to see in life. My overall feeling is that if I never see another picture of a flower I will be happy. This photograph, however, is exquisitely produced. Good composition, perfect color and of course, very crisp detail. It makes me think I'm standing in the garden with you when you shot this.
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🕐 05-18-11 9:11 AMetrs posted Click to view details
Photo 11181
Photo by: etrs
Thank you for the kind words. We were out at sunrise roaming in the woods last Saturday morning and the light is always nicer at that time of the day for this kind of picture. As to the detail, of all the lenses I've owned over the years, this has got to be one of the sharpest ever. It never ceases to amaze me.