Comments by Tomas Jarneholt

🕐 11-19-13 12:49 PMtomasony
A new generation begins
Wow! Really nice colours and contrasts. Love this! You can be proud of this one. :)
🕐 11-7-12 6:54 AMtomasony
Photo 24192
By: igor
Really nice depth and light in this one. Love it.
🕐 07-9-12 12:27 AMtomasony
Jackson Lake, Grand Teton National Park
Beautiful colours. Nice that you captured the texture in the mountains, not only the silhouettes.
🕐 06-21-12 8:29 AMtomasony
Slovenia, woods
Woaw. Beautiful. Love it. :)
🕐 06-11-12 12:40 PMtomasony
Blooming yellow field
I can smell the summer. :) Very nice fields of yellow, green and the blu sky. Love it.
🕐 04-16-12 12:22 PMtomasony
Photo 19749
Beutiful lines, both from the rocks and the clouds. Love the contrast between the grey and blue. Simply a great shot. :)
🕐 04-11-12 12:51 AMtomasony
Cool photo. Love the surrealistic sense in it. I like the frame as well. Good job. :)
🕐 04-4-12 5:54 AMtomasony
Silhouette Vs.2
Great photo. Clean and nice composition. (I like the B/W better)
🕐 03-27-12 3:03 AMtomasony
Photo 19393
Nice shot. Full of life. :) Really like the B/W.
🕐 03-9-12 6:48 AMtomasony
Little Waterfall
That is a really cool pic. I like it. :) Nice capture.
🕐 02-22-12 12:44 PMtomasony
Photo 18822
Love this one! The warm colour together with straws. Makes me dream. :)
🕐 02-10-12 2:48 AMtomasony
Twilight Strokes
By: zeissy
Beautiful colours and shapes. Love it.
🕐 09-27-11 4:24 AMtomasony
Really nice colors you cached there. :) Love the contrasts.

Personally I think you could had leave the shadows as well and don't capture anything at the shore. But it is definitely a keeper as it is. :) (Like many of all your others)
🕐 08-8-11 11:26 AMtomasony
Rush hour
By: joecan
Cool photo. Static but busy at the same time! :) I can really see how busy the bees are.
🕐 08-8-11 11:23 AMtomasony
Photo 13550
By: jeroen
Nice and calm photo. Reqlly good composition as well. I like it. :)
🕐 08-6-11 1:24 PMtomasony
night road
Thanks. Tripod is very handy in these conditions. :)
🕐 01-21-11 5:07 AMtomasony
I love this one! Very nice capture!
🕐 01-11-11 7:36 AMtomasony
The poor and the brave
By: makten
I'm glad he persuade you to take the photo. A really good portrait. I love it!
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