Comments by Djoko

🕐 01-9-12 11:41 PMdmj
Photo 18038
I like this pict Peter. Good moment; the man and his shadow in the alley.
🕐 01-9-12 11:38 PMdmj
Is it real
By: dmj
Thank u for all comments.

🕐 01-5-11 7:43 PMdmj
in the bubble
By: donuss
love this one .
🕐 01-5-11 7:36 PMdmj
Photo 8141
By: sebz
I like this pict but somehow it is a little bit to bright for me. So the arc ceiling does not compelling at all.
🕐 01-5-11 7:31 PMdmj
Lake of Zurich
By: donuss
Great shot donat. Like the tone. The distagon always get the job done.
🕐 12-29-10 6:40 AMdmj
Photo 8042
Good eyes Philippe. Like the composition and its lightning .

🕐 12-29-10 6:35 AMdmj
Photo 8017
By: dmj

Thank u for your comment. It was late afternoon around 17.00 + , blue sky and clear bright day.

🕐 12-28-10 4:35 PMdmj
Photo 8018
By: dmj
Thank u rickperry. This 35mm is my favorite lens -very sharp indeed.

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