Comments by Ulf

🕐 10-28-11 1:23 PMsamthase
Photo 15376
By: nomad
guess i wasn't too far off. nice work.
🕐 10-26-11 8:47 PMsamthase
Photo 15376
By: nomad
I assume that's Duck Creek?
🕐 10-21-11 9:54 PMsamthase
Good Times
By: zeissy
hcb would be proud
🕐 10-8-11 10:17 PMsamthase
Photo 14952
nice work
🕐 01-3-11 6:56 AMsamthase
Photo 8165
By: axacus
Very nice. What is that? Looks dangerous.
🕐 12-25-10 8:04 PMsamthase
Photo 7590
Nice shot. What a strange collection of buildings. Where is that?
🕐 12-23-10 5:06 PMsamthase
Photo 7836
Nice, reminds me of Modern Times.
🕐 12-16-10 11:00 PMsamthase
Pastels de la Nature
Nice atmosphere and I like that you allowed everything to be out of focus, some stuff more, some less. Would not have been as good a photo with the branch sharp, even just the part nearest us.
🕐 12-8-10 9:22 PMsamthase
Dolomite Sunrise
great shot
🕐 12-8-10 9:20 PMsamthase
Plitvice NP
Very nice.
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