Comments by Martin

🕐 04-7-11 5:12 PMmartin14916
Photo 8521
By: timax
nice. on the track
🕐 04-7-11 5:09 PMmartin14916
By: smok53
man, this is fabulous
🕐 02-24-11 11:40 PMmartin14916
you do have monopoly power on featured photos. nice one.
🕐 01-17-11 9:44 PMmartin14916
Photo 6165
Feels like a frame taken from a warm music video. nice job
🕐 01-14-11 7:05 PMmartin14916
Street Shooter
lol, definitely a versus game.
And Nikon vs canon as well.

the background makes me feel that you two were stopped by each other. nice shot.
🕐 11-23-10 11:39 AMmartin14916
Photo 7146
By: JT
lol... i agree with you, zeiss man
i shoot an outdoor event last week (minus 20 degrees that day, at edmonton, alberta, canada). i can't even release the shutter after 5-6 minutes of shooting
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