Comments by Debbie Abbott Elias

🕐 01-12-15 10:43 AMcanicuss
Photo 42176
By: dierk
What a beautiful set of photos. I especially like this one, it looks like a seashell.
🕐 01-1-15 9:26 AMcanicuss
Alone :(:( ...
Lovely photo.
🕐 10-17-13 10:44 PMcanicuss
The Lacock Bakery
Charming scene, wonderful in black and white.
🕐 07-17-13 9:05 AMcanicuss
St Malo's Chapel, Allenspark, CO
Thank you for your comments Lilia. :)
🕐 07-16-13 9:38 AMcanicuss
What a splash of color!
🕐 06-30-13 10:35 PMcanicuss
Photo 30045
The blues are stunning, interesting composition.
🕐 05-29-13 4:24 AMcanicuss
Arches of Light
Those clouds are spectacular, overall a very stunning work.
🕐 05-17-13 2:39 AMcanicuss
Photo 28720
By: lilia
Love it!
🕐 05-9-13 2:43 AMcanicuss
pipes for the bridge
By: lilia
I like how you're seeing things lately.
🕐 05-9-13 2:42 AMcanicuss
under the bridge
By: lilia
Cool shot!
🕐 05-7-13 3:31 AMcanicuss
maple 2
By: donuss
Such exquisite detail.
🕐 04-13-13 11:07 PMcanicuss
Rain squall
You did an excellent job capturing all the elements in this photo.
🕐 04-13-13 11:04 PMcanicuss
By: donuss
I'm fascinated by the perspective, you got wonderful lines.
🕐 04-13-13 11:02 PMcanicuss
old building entrance
By: lilia
What beautiful detail, love the touch of color it contrasts nicely with the metal.
🕐 04-9-13 3:53 PMcanicuss
By: zeissy
🕐 03-30-13 10:21 PMcanicuss
Photo 27473
The eerie blue of the water kind of gives it a surreal feel. I'm a little mesmerized by the division of light in the water, the portion of the bridge above the blue water is dark and the portion above the dark water is illuminated. I don't want to write all my observations but it's a photo that is both crazy and cool and keeps drawing my eyes to different parts while trying to categorize it.
🕐 03-30-13 10:10 PMcanicuss
Photo 27502
Such a beautiful starry sky, that blue is fabulous between the rails of the bridge. Nice shot, especially viewed larger.
🕐 03-29-13 10:38 PMcanicuss
Lady Madonna
Beautiful light, she glows.
🕐 03-29-13 10:33 PMcanicuss
Photo 27370
By: mict
Such a darling shot. I'm curious, do you hire models or are you lucky enough to have such photogenic customers?
🕐 03-28-13 6:52 PMcanicuss
Boston Marina (no hdr )
By: lilia
Striking photo, those clouds are so pretty.
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