Comments by Raymond Larose

🕐 10-21-13 9:29 AMlenscrack
Paris at night
Love the D700 paired with the 2/50 - this is nice.
🕐 02-26-13 12:58 PMlenscrack
Hi Donat-

Thank you - no, this is Boston, MA.
🕐 02-16-13 4:37 PMlenscrack
Photo Bomb
Yikes! That is awesome!
🕐 02-16-13 6:59 AMlenscrack
Photo Bomb
Thank you!!
🕐 01-1-13 7:42 AMlenscrack
Garden of the Gods
I'll let you know!
🕐 12-31-12 2:00 PMlenscrack
Hustle & Bustle
Thank you!
🕐 12-31-12 1:16 PMlenscrack
30 Rock
Thank you! ISO 1600 isn't so horrible on the D700 either.
🕐 12-17-12 3:48 PMlenscrack
Photo 24615
Just fantastic, Juan!
🕐 12-13-12 11:36 AMlenscrack
Lost way
LOVE this one. One of the best, in my book.
🕐 11-29-12 2:12 PMlenscrack
This is really cool - love that focus.
🕐 10-1-12 2:05 PMlenscrack
Room with a View II
This was a 30-second exposure in Ogunquit, Maine.
🕐 10-1-12 2:03 PMlenscrack
Hellblinki Live at Ward 8
Not bad for ISO 3200, eh?
🕐 09-27-12 11:54 AMlenscrack
Photo 23020
By: JT
Love it, JT - that 1.4/35 is so amazing. Love what you do with it.
🕐 09-27-12 11:53 AMlenscrack
Old and New! A new WORLD CHAMPION is born!
Also - I'm on a list to demo a pre-release of that bad-boy.
🕐 09-27-12 11:53 AMlenscrack
Old and New! A new WORLD CHAMPION is born!
Oh, I'd like to find out, JT!
🕐 09-10-12 10:22 AMlenscrack
Photo 21879
By: JT
Nice to see you shooting with a NEX. I just picked up one myself for travel - mounting all my ZF.2 Zeiss glass to it is a dream!
🕐 09-10-12 10:20 AMlenscrack
Acadia, Maine
Love the golden waters!
🕐 08-9-12 6:14 AMlenscrack
Ashley at the Castle
Thank you Steve, that means a lot to me!
🕐 08-9-12 6:10 AMlenscrack
Kaila at the Castle
Yeah, this was a bit over the top - I agree. It's not HDR, but a bit heavy on the dodge and burn. I'll get some "normal" processed images of her up later on (the skin color isn't that far off, actually). Thank you for an honest and constructive comment!
🕐 08-9-12 3:36 AMlenscrack
Ashley at the Castle
Of course you are entitled to an opinion mict - but I would like to hear why it is not very good. Is it the style? The light? The edit? Saying "thats not very good" is not constructive.
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