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🕐 07-27-11 7:45 PMevangelos k
Photo 13037
Thanks! It does have slight vignetting added in post processing.
🕐 03-9-11 7:50 PMevangelos k
Bad Dream Carousel
This is at (no more) 6 Flags New Orleans that never re-opened after Katrina,
so, it is deserted for good - a decaying derelict. This should bring it into perspective.

Thank you very much for the comment!
🕐 03-9-11 4:17 PMevangelos k
Photo 9490
Wonderful capture
🕐 03-9-11 4:16 PMevangelos k
Photo 9487
By: cyra
Great and simple!
🕐 03-1-11 3:25 PMevangelos k
Photo 9253
By: sebz
LOVE this one.

Well done!
🕐 03-1-11 3:24 PMevangelos k
Laeiszhalle (Hamburg,Germany)
By: donuss
Fantastic capture!
🕐 12-11-10 3:33 PMevangelos k
Very Nice!
🕐 11-30-10 9:09 PMevangelos k
on the lake 2
By: donuss
Outstanding! Extremely well done :)
🕐 11-14-10 12:39 PMevangelos k
Photo 6137
By: zblake
Love this one blake, mainly b/c of the subject. So natural and she "handles" the lack of PP great!
🕐 11-12-10 5:41 PMevangelos k
Niagara Falls - Horseshoe/Canadian Falls
Great shot Phil. I have been going through your images a little at a time, and there are many great shots there. Damn, easy for you to have so many ZEISS Images since pretty much all your lenses are CZ! :)

I love the "split" dark/bright tone in this image. Gives it "dimension."
🕐 11-12-10 5:34 PMevangelos k
Santa left his hat
By: JT
Love it!
🕐 11-12-10 5:29 PMevangelos k
Parking Garage Roof Sunset 2
Thanks guys! It seems the "Golden Arches" perspective is a love it or hate it thing (many do not like it, some of them just b/c it is Mc Donalds, :) ) I like it, but just to be safe I took multiple shots with different framing :)

Tell me about it Phil.. It is a Hospital Garage, BTW. If someone was watching the camera feeds, he would see a guy on the parking Garage roof running like a madman from corner to corner with a camera mounted on a tripod, LOL. He would have been "WTF?" because he would not have know that at the same time the sun was going down, the train (in the other picture) was also passing by, visible from the opposing side of the roof, and the madman was trying to capture them all :D

PS. No matter what, FF (Fast Food) is bad for you. Tastes bad too!

PS 2. FF (Full Frame) is good for you!
🕐 11-9-10 12:08 PMevangelos k
This is in the middle of the woods around Covington, LA.

Best guess, Armadillo gave up the spirit (or was killed) and was eaten by animals/birds.

I am pretty sure he would have had a heart attack anyway were he alive and heard the α850's shutter, LOL!

The Evolution title is for: "Pretty sure this Armadillo's ancestors walked out of the water few million years ago..."
🕐 11-8-10 11:05 PMevangelos k
St. Abbs
Straight out of Myst (and Riven). :)

🕐 11-4-10 8:06 PMevangelos k
Statue of Liberty
Love this one Phil.

Yes, it has been done plenty a times... but this one has the CZ "3D" effect applied! :)
🕐 10-28-10 1:46 PMevangelos k
View from Elgol
Cold be the cover for an Image editing book :) Well done
🕐 10-28-10 1:40 PMevangelos k
Photo 1696
Embeded Photo
🕐 10-17-10 10:57 PMevangelos k
By: donuss
Outstanding from capture to post processing.
🕐 10-17-10 6:09 PMevangelos k
Photo 812
By: zblake
Let me add similar comments as above. Great Image to begin with & Silver effex is, IMO, the only NIK software worth itS high (for what it is) price!
🕐 10-17-10 5:36 PMevangelos k
Chef Menteur Bridge Built 1929
Thank you blake.

You are so right. I am also still pissed for framing a little too tight on the right

I have replaced the photo with the "re-worked" one; Now it is ia little more tighter on the right :( It certainly looks better though.

Thanks again for your kind words.

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