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🕐 10-19-11 8:39 AMya8282
Photo 15208
By: akul
This building always puzzled me, looking at it from across the water during my lunch breaks; it almost seemed to resemble a haphazard tower of LEGOs. Great capture!
🕐 02-14-11 6:03 PMya8282
Photo 8931
Wonderful photo, where is this?
🕐 12-24-10 6:07 PMya8282
Photo 7933
By: akul
Great vantage point, was this taken at South St. Seaport?
🕐 12-24-10 6:06 PMya8282
Photo 5763
By: ya8282
Thanks, this was one of my first test shots with the 50/2 MP.
🕐 12-24-10 6:05 PMya8282
Photo 7134
By: ya8282
It was quite tasty and well-prepared at The Breslin, very worthwhile sacrifice.
🕐 12-24-10 6:04 PMya8282
Max Patch
By: ya8282
Thanks, at first I was waiting for the cloud cover to change such that the lighting was more uniform, but that wasn't happening so I took a number of shots until the light brought out the foliage.
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