Comments by Filipe Brandão

🕐 12-3-14 2:35 AMfilipeb
Photo 41195
By: jeroen
Beautiful colour contrast (blue/orange) and great mood!
🕐 07-30-14 8:42 AMfilipeb
The Necklace
Her face looks almost like a statue, beautiful BW treatment!
🕐 01-27-14 3:42 AMfilipeb
Lonely Ballon
I believe your mistaken on the scale. The balloon must actually be small and close to the photographer, hence the out of focus background.
🕐 01-5-14 1:38 PMfilipeb
in the bubble
By: donuss
Very good photo with great details, like those water droplets.
🕐 12-19-13 9:57 AMfilipeb
The morning Gold
I on the other hand like it like this. A soft focal point. Well done!
🕐 12-19-13 9:54 AMfilipeb
Very well done! Love the colours and contrast
🕐 12-18-13 8:49 AMfilipeb
Benguela Blues: couch surfing
Hello Richard - Thank you and Zeiss for supporting this contest, I'm of course a fan of your lenses and I'm looking forward to try the 50 Makro-Planar! Best regards
🕐 12-18-13 3:08 AMfilipeb
Photo 34797
By: tivv
Very good! She seems to be hypnotized. Is it a projection? A game?
🕐 12-18-13 2:03 AMfilipeb
Benguela Blues: couch surfing
I'm very happy to have received this award! A Big thanks to and Zeiss for the opportunity and Torralba and Seal for selecting my photo.

The story behind the photo: Benguela is a city in Angola to where, me and my wife, moved 4 years ago. I took a job in a construction company managing a building site. My wife found a job a bit after moving in but the company didn't afford to pay her for very long. She couldn't find a job after that, too overqualified, so the afternoons on the couch became her blues. So also a very big thanks to her for being there and enduring it for me!

Thanks you all for your compliments!
🕐 10-30-13 3:46 AMfilipeb
I hadn't thought of that! And know that you said it I can't see anything else! :)
🕐 01-30-13 7:17 AMfilipeb
Flores no Pátio
to Jeroen: It's Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi, UAE.
🕐 01-30-13 7:15 AMfilipeb
Photo 25947
By: jeroen
Interesting architecture!
🕐 01-29-13 7:35 AMfilipeb
Flores no Pátio
Thank you for your feedback.
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