Comments by Wojciech Zielinski

🕐 09-15-20 6:21 AMaquilan
Squirrel without APO #C
I am glad You like it :) I should more use my Tele-Tessar F 350mm :)
🕐 06-26-20 11:53 AMaquilan
Photo: 104916
By: JT
It looks great, 3D pop-up effect of scene..
🕐 05-19-20 1:37 AMaquilan
Photo 104457
Beautiful view and capture :)
🕐 01-12-20 12:49 PMaquilan
Noorderpark, Amsterdam
nice composition and colours :)
🕐 08-2-19 3:23 PMaquilan
Nikola 1.0 - Wentylatornia 1.0 (1:1)
Thanks JT. About tatoo, I have not much influence to model what her forearm looks like. I know there are techniques of retouch to make it less visible. But there is also the aspects of feelings of Human Being. If Nikola really likes her tatoo I have no right to retouch it. I could choice other frame to portray Her. I have a few more photos, which was taken aside this one. I will try to share them to let You to compare the outcome :)
🕐 07-15-17 12:49 AMaquilan
Ponte sul Metauro, Fermignano
Nice photos. I would like to see it with a little lower contrast :)
🕐 10-11-15 3:11 PMaquilan
Photo 41089
Nice it's very clean one, out of noise :)
🕐 10-11-15 3:10 PMaquilan
Monastery in Tyniec, Krakow, color
I like the B&W development more :)
🕐 08-13-15 12:37 PMaquilan
Hologon 8/16 and A7S (Focused into centre)
I will try to find it out with next Sony Camera Event :) I currently own only A7 so I don't have silent shutter mode to use my Hologon lens. Yesterday I got a message (here at Zeissimages) from Kolari Vision, it looks they want to help me to convert my camera again. This could prevent me to buy next camera for a while ;)
🕐 08-12-15 9:05 AMaquilan
Hologon 8/16 and A7S (Focused into centre)
I believe that it's better to focus at edges. When edge is sharp, centre is less blurred, in comparison to measure of blurriness in edges, when sharpness is focused in centre. With my Distagon 2.8/15mm ZE and my A7, I use the same strategy. I believe it best advice with super-wide-angle lenses and thick sensor filter.
🕐 08-3-15 7:04 PMaquilan
Vancouver Island, BC
Nice post-production ;)
🕐 06-30-15 4:35 AMaquilan
irrigated corn
Great perspective and DoF, Amazing Colours ;)
🕐 06-29-15 2:47 PMaquilan
Old Wagon
I like chiaroscuro this photo much. Additionally I believe there is still a chance for another composition :)
🕐 06-15-15 12:56 AMaquilan
Shiodome night
It looks fantastic for Contax G Biogon 2.8/21mm and Sony A7R. Could I ask You what apperture have You used and have You modded Your camera or lens to achieve this effect?
🕐 05-28-15 6:43 AMaquilan
The End of the Line
It has unmatched deep of field and sharpness at f/5.6 :)
🕐 05-27-15 11:45 PMaquilan
Great catch, I wish to see with more details in lover part of photo. Halved Purse doesn't persuade me much, I believe it could be better with more of content there :)
🕐 05-27-15 11:39 PMaquilan
Lovely model and mood :)
🕐 05-27-15 11:37 PMaquilan
Elizabeth 2/09-05-2015
Thanks Jorge for Your kind comment.
Thanks Augustaur and Bajanexile for Yours attention.
🕐 05-18-15 10:19 AMaquilan
Purple/magenta fringing
There is something, which is called sensor stack issue. Sony uses quite thick layers over sensor, much thicker than Leica in their M240 model. When ray of light hits sensor outer layers with different angle than 90 deg, the ray is being shifted. Different wave lengths are being shifted differently. It results with purple fringing on sensor via sensor stack. Despite correction with Leica software, Leica has used one of most thinner sensor stack. It helps to pull purple fingering down.

There is a company called Kolari Vision, which is specialized in IR-conversion of camera sensors. Aside their main activity, they prepared special procedure to replace sensor stack for A7 (mk1), A7R and A7S owners. This reduces the thickness of sensor stack and improves corner performance with film-optimized lenses. The results aren't highly spectacular but I still believe it is worth it to convert own camera, aside You loose only Sony warranty. I am going to send my A7 to KolariVision within next two months. I may provide some photos after conversion but You may Google some images provided with other customers of KolariVision.

I am very grateful to Hiepphotog (ZeissImages Friend), who shared with me the information about KolariVision and their special service to A7/A7R/A7S users.
🕐 04-24-15 8:01 AMaquilan
Snow Namche Bazaar
Nice perspective and composition of View :)
popflash photo
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