Comments by Allan

🕐 02-11-11 3:27 AMallanjfotos
Disney Music Hall
be nice in hdr bw
🕐 11-28-10 4:04 PMallanjfotos
The velky nudes X
By: mandas
Very nice light
🕐 11-28-10 4:02 PMallanjfotos
The velky nudes II
By: mandas
I dont care what camera or lens you used, thats a nice image.
🕐 11-28-10 3:32 PMallanjfotos
Photo 5306
I think it was a 14mm Nikon that was 18000 images ago or so...
🕐 09-16-10 11:43 PMallanjfotos
Photo 5314
21mm f2.8 but its not about the lens or the camera it what we all see and where we stand mind and body.
🕐 09-16-10 3:52 PMallanjfotos
Photo 5306
Mind your our buzness lol
popflash photo
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