Comments by Robert Dilworth

🕐 01-8-16 2:18 PMrhd
First photo of 2016
This works very well in black & white. I thought from the thumbnail that this might have been an IR image.
🕐 08-31-15 7:47 AMrhd
Rain at Lake Louise Canada
By: rhd
I packed a polarizer but neglected to use it. I have not used polarizers in the rain, but I think it is a very useful suggestion for the next opportunity
🕐 10-27-14 1:01 PMrhd
Downtown Philadelphia Bus Stop
By: rhd
Zeiss 55 1.8
🕐 10-27-14 1:00 PMrhd
Downtown Philadelphia Bus Stop-BW
By: rhd
Zeiss 55 1.8
🕐 03-5-14 7:40 PMrhd
Georgetown from Roosevelt Island Walking Bridge
By: rhd
About ½ mile from subject. Contax G 90 2.8 converted to M mount
🕐 12-24-13 8:20 AMrhd
Seat with a View
Excellent composition and tonality. Weston in an engine room?
🕐 12-23-13 5:44 AMrhd
illuminated curve
Classic composition and toes.
🕐 10-3-13 5:35 AMrhd
Chesterbrook Shopping Center
By: rhd
Contax C/Y 28-85 with Leitax mount conversion
🕐 09-18-13 5:10 AMrhd
Photo 32015
The positioning of the red umbrellas is very effective. Shadow detail is just right.
🕐 07-8-13 7:13 AMrhd
Photo 30283
Extraordinary intersection of light, reflections and texture.
🕐 07-8-13 7:12 AMrhd
South pier Bridge of the Gods
Engineering as art, if you can see it. Well done
🕐 06-14-13 12:07 AMrhd
Late Evening Reflections on The Stourhead Estate, Wiltshire, England
It is very nicely composed and the tonal depth is very good. The existence of accessible tools to render the vision is a very gratifying development for all photographers. You have taken very good advantage of the new tools.
🕐 06-13-13 12:43 PMrhd
Greenwich Naval College: A Comparison
By: rhd
I earlier posted a similar image made with a Sony a900, 135 ZA 1.8.
🕐 05-22-13 4:47 AMrhd
Oregon Coast Clouds
Very nice. Composition with clouds drawing the viewer into the outcrop in the sea is very well done.
🕐 05-12-13 9:38 AMrhd
By: donuss
Remarkable shot of the fern's embryo.
🕐 05-12-13 9:36 AMrhd
By: donuss
Excellent composition and perspective
🕐 05-11-13 6:24 AMrhd
Sun Through Clouds Thames Barrier
By: rhd
Corrected colour cast.
🕐 05-3-13 1:04 AMrhd
Royal Naval College Greenwich from Canary Wharf
By: rhd
This image is an enlargement of a FF taken from a distance of about 1 mile. The resolution is quite good.
🕐 04-8-13 12:48 AMrhd
New Yorkers. Manhattan, NYC
Very interesting capture of the social demographics of New York.
🕐 04-8-13 12:44 AMrhd
Alfa Romeo detail
Bokeh makes this three dimensional.
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