Comments by Jungsoo

🕐 09-14-10 1:28 AMisajah
Heart of Mostnica
Real beauty of nature.
🕐 09-14-10 1:23 AMisajah
Photo 5225
This reminds me of the sunflower of Gogh. Great work!
🕐 09-14-10 1:21 AMisajah
Photo 1345
🕐 09-9-10 9:46 AMisajah
Photo 1575
I love this.
🕐 09-9-10 9:43 AMisajah
By: paolo
🕐 09-9-10 9:14 AMisajah
Photo 5021
By: isajah
Oh. Thanks for the advice. All the photos are all taken with C/Y body(either, RX2, S2, Aria) on films and scanned by 9000ED, but there are a couple of reasons that I didn't touch the exif. One is because I do not remember which camera/film I used, and the other is that I thought I could not touch it, one of which is now cleared thanks to you! :-)
🕐 09-9-10 6:13 AMisajah
The velky nudes II
By: mandas
At first I guessed this was done by shift, but the consistent vignetting on each edge tells me that I may be wrong. Very impressive.
🕐 09-9-10 5:26 AMisajah
"North Lakes, Cumbria, England - Tone Mapped"
Brilliant and crisp!
🕐 09-9-10 5:25 AMisajah
Styrian Evening
Beautiful and stunning!
🕐 09-9-10 12:52 AMisajah
The Test
I like this photo. Thank you.
🕐 09-8-10 6:40 AMisajah
Ha Ho Ne Gah, Arizona
By: mike k
Wow. I've never seen this kind of color in Bryce canyon. Thank you for the nice photo.
🕐 09-8-10 3:37 AMisajah
Photo 1572
🕐 09-8-10 2:56 AMisajah
Chapel - Gran Paradiso National Park
Very impressive with beautiful compression of the scenery.
🕐 09-8-10 2:55 AMisajah
No Future
🕐 09-8-10 2:54 AMisajah
"Chapel Altar, Salisbury Cathedral, Wiltshire, England"
Beauty of symmetry!
🕐 09-8-10 2:41 AMisajah
Photo 4940
By: isajah
Thank you Paolo
🕐 09-7-10 7:59 AMisajah
Photo 3890
It's really interesting to see that this was in Japan because this is actually a very typical statue of an island in South Korea, even though the material looks somewhat different from the ones in Korea.
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