Comments by Paul

🕐 08-30-11 11:13 PMroofterrace
Zeiss Distagon ZF II 28mm f/2 and guess the Nikon in the background...
It's a fantastic lens, agreed 100%. However, what I meant in my notes is that the 100mm is the hardest lens for me to use.
🕐 02-16-11 11:58 AMroofterrace
A Special Bird
Ah, excuse my ignorance! However, the comment still stands, of course...
🕐 02-15-11 4:52 PMroofterrace
A Special Bird
I would argue this is the most fabulous bird picture I've ever seen, even more so given it's a manual lens. Wonderful, piercingly sharp, as good as it gets. Congratulations.
🕐 08-24-10 1:09 PMroofterrace
Photo 4379
Taken with a high ISO due to very little natural light. The bokeh over the wall lamp is due to the fronds of the plant hanging over the wall lamp.
popflash photo
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