Comments by Paul Omernik

🕐 12-2-14 6:57 AMleviathor
Sinopah Palette
Thanks for the feedback, Jeroen--I never noticed how much that green patch stuck out before, but it's a pretty intense little anomaly, now.
🕐 05-6-11 1:15 PMleviathor
Photo 3667
Thank you very much, guys. I've retooled this one a bit, so I'll have to re-up it (is this possible, ZM?).

ZM: The 17-35 is a big, bulky beast of a lens, but they're a huge pleasure to use. I bought mine second hand already converted to EOS mount by Bo-Ming. These would be perfect lenses if it weren't for their resolution degradation ellipse. Not that it is a deal-breaker or anything.
🕐 08-16-10 5:07 PMleviathor
Sunset Beret
Andreas: That's the exact switch I made, and I've only 'regretted' it once--when shooting in Arches National Park in Utah in a snow/hail/rain/thunder/lightning storm. The weather sealed nature of the 17-40 would have been nice, and I wasn't sure that the Zeiss would take the weather so nicely.
🕐 08-10-10 3:32 PMleviathor
Sunset Beret
Thanks, Stephen. As you can imagine, the resolving power of the 17-35 isn't accurately represented here. The more I look at this the more I want to rework it a bit: the DR doesn't seem quite right.
🕐 08-6-10 6:00 PMleviathor
Beautiful. The depth is *incredible!* I feel as if I could just walk in to the image.
🕐 08-6-10 5:55 PMleviathor
Photo 3133
I have to agree with ZM on this one: Superb work!
🕐 08-6-10 7:20 AMleviathor
Backyard Gorge
Extraordinary! Pardon the pun, but great flow, and rock-solid composition.
🕐 08-6-10 7:15 AMleviathor
Photo 3811
This is really nice. Great, serious mood, and the contrast is lovely. Do you have a version with short-side lighting on her face, or a bit of a highlight in her right eye, though? I'd love to see that (if available).
🕐 08-1-10 3:47 PMleviathor
Home, Sweet Home
Thanks, James!

Shot was taken looking strait up in Jenny Lake Campground in Grand Teton National Park.
🕐 08-1-10 5:44 AMleviathor
Photo 3676
Thanks ZM!
🕐 07-31-10 3:16 PMleviathor
White world
So simple, so well-composed. Great find and exposure.
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