Comments by James

🕐 12-2-12 11:12 PMjamesptao
In Honour of Reflecting
By: zeissy
Fantastic capture! Truly looks like a painting (a really detailed painting)
🕐 12-2-12 10:49 PMjamesptao
Japanese Bridge at Loose Park
Stunning photo! The cooler color with the tree in the foreground and the hot orange of the tree in the background with subtle reflection in the middle create a really well balanced composition.
🕐 02-1-12 8:30 PMjamesptao
Honor thy Ancestors
Beautiful shot simple and elegant
🕐 08-15-10 12:34 PMjamesptao
Upper Antelope Canyon Beam
By: kanuck
Way to show what this lens can do! Great composition, exposure, and color balance. The light seems divine.
🕐 08-6-10 11:30 PMjamesptao
Lava vs. Water
By: doug
Wow! The contrast of the deep colors of the water with the bleak looking desert is almost surreal. It doesn't seem like the two parts belong togethor. Where was this taken?
🕐 08-6-10 11:26 PMjamesptao
BN Along The Yakima
By: doug
Really like this composure. The way the train and river zig-zag across the picture in unison is very neat. Well done.
🕐 08-6-10 11:22 PMjamesptao
Photo 3402
Thanks! Was haveing fun with the neon light kids were walking around with during the 4th of July.
🕐 08-1-10 2:34 PMjamesptao
Home, Sweet Home
Absolutely beautiful. Where was this shot? You must have been far from any city to get these many stars with light pollution hideing their view. Great job!
🕐 07-29-10 12:47 PMjamesptao
Photo 591
you have sold me on the Ze 1.4 85mm. These portraits are great! You definetely have an intuitive sence at capturing people in a subtle yet powerful way.
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