Comments by James

🕐 01-16-17 12:28 PMminoltazeiss
Photo 52483
Congratulations ! the photo seems to transcend time, where was it taken?
🕐 11-9-16 12:32 PMminoltazeiss
Photo 38494
Fantastically composed, and great pop to the image
🕐 11-9-15 11:24 AMminoltazeiss
Stokksnes Vestrahorn
Magical !!!!
🕐 08-14-14 11:00 AMminoltazeiss
Lana at church
By: paqart
Awesome !!!! I love the costume.... lighting is amazing as well
🕐 02-20-14 3:46 PMminoltazeiss
Toys for the Boys
Nice System !
🕐 11-20-13 10:28 AMminoltazeiss
By: mac
I concur !
🕐 10-20-13 1:55 PMminoltazeiss
It's Just The Rain
By: zsolt
This is really cool!!!
🕐 09-29-13 2:26 PMminoltazeiss
Photo 32192
This looks like Alyssa Milano 25 years ago! I love the way the new ZA 50mm looks, and the fact it is SSM, however I like my Sony 50/1.4 because its very small, Image rendering wise I don't know. I watched some reviews and the reviewers say the Zeiss is better but for me it inconclusive. I want to see more images like this, portraits taken between f1.4 and f2.2 that's how I shoot my Sony 50mm:

🕐 09-26-13 7:40 AMminoltazeiss
Safe Harbour
By: zeissy
Wow.... The stars were aligned on that day at that moment you took that shot! Incredible sky!
🕐 09-24-13 4:05 PMminoltazeiss
Natasha Smith
🕐 09-6-13 5:48 PMminoltazeiss
Chilling Out
Absolutely Gorgeous !
🕐 08-29-13 11:47 PMminoltazeiss
Photo 31605
Thanks for the comment!
🕐 08-3-13 7:30 AMminoltazeiss
At the Frozen Yogurt Place
🕐 08-2-13 12:35 PMminoltazeiss
Little Red Convertible
By: zeissy
OMG this is unbelievable! I like that they both have their mouths slightly open and that they both are wearing black sunglasses. :)
🕐 07-31-13 3:38 PMminoltazeiss
sunset cat
One thing I have noticed from looking at this site is that American housecats are less photographically interesting than cats from any other country... why is that ? Nice photo, Awesome cat, and that's one lens I really wish would be produced in "A" mount.
🕐 07-29-13 10:07 AMminoltazeiss
Photo 30746
Thanks! Shooting these girls was a lot of fun =-)
🕐 07-29-13 8:25 AMminoltazeiss
In the office...
Something about the way the papers are laying about, and the stuff the women are doing makes this photo interesting!
🕐 07-23-13 8:42 AMminoltazeiss
Urban Jungle
She looks Badass
🕐 06-26-13 8:54 AMminoltazeiss
Thanks !!
🕐 06-20-13 9:04 PMminoltazeiss
Photo 29748
Epic !!!!
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