Comments by Michael

🕐 10-20-11 10:31 AMmiked700
Street Guru Hyderabad

🕐 10-20-11 10:31 AMmiked700
Street Trader Hyderabad
Very good and impressive. A dignified portrait.

🕐 08-7-11 10:48 AMmiked700
Wassenaarse Slag II
Thanks Donuss; that's an idea I hadn't thought of yet. I'll give it a try, though I wanted to portray the sandy hazy atmosphere (it was quite warm as well), and the apparent lack of humans, first and foremost.


🕐 05-29-11 4:46 AMmiked700
Photo 11551
By: taz_k
Beautiful compositon!

🕐 05-14-11 8:30 AMmiked700
Photo 11113
By: taz_k
Fully agree. What a beautiful and lovely image.

🕐 05-10-11 2:14 PMmiked700
Photo 11029
By: JT
That DoF... Lovely shot; bit light...

🕐 05-6-11 12:46 AMmiked700
Thanks! More coming... The 50 Makro-Planar lends itself very well to this type of shots.
🕐 05-6-11 12:44 AMmiked700
Ha ha! No, this is Matthijs (59), biologist with rugged good looks, who just got his first motorcycle!
🕐 04-24-11 8:57 AMmiked700
Photo 10686
By: akul
It's that visual rhytm again Luka! Nice shot.

🕐 04-19-11 9:04 AMmiked700
Photo 10528
Lovely, really great image!

🕐 04-16-11 10:50 AMmiked700
Agrippa93 - Shot Live with Zeiss
Great shot! That Zeiss really is something... You got everything right in this pic!

🕐 04-16-11 9:35 AMmiked700
Photo 10419
Very interesting. The composition, light/dark, the colours. The image draws you in and makes you look really hard. Great; exhibition stuff!

🕐 03-28-11 2:20 PMmiked700
Something's wrong here. Focus on the wrong eye, and that eye being half out of the frame, subject looking out not in, b&w pp too muddy. Uncomfortable image.
🕐 03-25-11 2:05 AMmiked700
Photo 9799
🕐 03-14-11 3:33 PMmiked700
Photo 5391
By: denoir
Luka, you're here as well! That's some great work! Love the colours.


🕐 02-15-11 1:44 PMmiked700
Ho Toy Noodle Co., Inc.
Beautiful shot, really nice! Lovely colours and bokeh.
🕐 02-15-11 3:00 AMmiked700
Very cliché! Like it.
🕐 02-9-11 12:45 PMmiked700
Photo 8851
For those who might be interested: prints of 60's pics of the Stones and of Jimi Hendrix, AAP-lab Amsterdam.
🕐 02-9-11 12:20 PMmiked700
Photo 8855
Peter Svenson, printer extraordinaire in Amsterdam. The man's a legend. AAP-lab.
🕐 02-9-11 12:19 PMmiked700
Photo 8856
They're not great, the focus isn't always where it should be, 1/8 sec with an RTS III isn't easy (f1.4 all the way), but I like them.
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