Comments by Mohanraj

🕐 04-6-14 12:45 AMtechdoctor
The Rocky Wave
By: gregg
🕐 04-21-11 5:01 AMtechdoctor
Miles to go before I sleep
Thanks for your comments. The shoot was not planned. I just noticed the warm glow of the room when my daughter was reading in bed. The photo turned out to be good, particularly in monochrome.
🕐 09-16-10 1:58 PMtechdoctor
By: donuss
Congratulations on winning the competition. It's an amazing image. The symmetry and the lines that run to the virtual horizon create a really special effect.
🕐 09-14-10 6:34 PMtechdoctor
DJ Sweep
By: ajones
Looks like a painting. Fantastic effect.
🕐 07-26-10 12:08 PMtechdoctor
Photo 3113
I bought the Cam2 adapter from ebay.
The lens mount is a little tricky to mount. The adapter is quite smooth. Only that you need to get the alignment right. Takes practice.

Yes, I love the lens. For the price it is pretty amazing. I bought mine on Adorama.
🕐 07-22-10 12:21 PMtechdoctor
Photo 3113
I bought the G Sonnar 90/2.8 lens and was waiting to buy a camera to mount it!! I finally settled on the GF1 and had to wait for 2 long months for my visit to Boston. This was one of the first shots captured on a muggy evening in Doha of my daughter. The temperature was a sweltering 40C at 5PM!! That is summer in the Qatar.

The 2x crop factor makes this lens a telephoto. The quality is simply out of the world. I then found a Planar 45/2 online and promptly bought it. It is now always on my GF1.
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