Comments by Lollus

🕐 11-14-13 1:03 PMlollus
Dolomite Sunrise
Wow. OK?
🕐 08-7-10 7:16 AMlollus
"High Altar, Wells Cathedral, Somerset, England"
Thanks for posting this! I reckon I prefer this one, and one still has headroom to tamper with the histogramme if one wants to.
🕐 08-5-10 2:50 PMlollus
Photo 825
By: zblake
cool photo. it's a good job she is a pretty young lady, an old hag would look a lot less interesting.
🕐 08-5-10 2:37 PMlollus
"High Altar, Wells Cathedral, Somerset, England"
Can you post the same pic without HDR? I am asking because it is very pretty but looks unnatural and I wanted to compare it to one single old fashioned exposure.
🕐 08-5-10 2:36 PMlollus
Bee Ser
By: kysham
Did you use the left-right(tight)-behind strobes? And how does she look so fresh? Well I guess this is her mother who did a good job :-)
🕐 08-5-10 1:55 PMlollus
Dubrovnik Shopkeeper
This is cool. You know, genuine.
🕐 08-5-10 1:40 AMlollus
Is it broken?
By: lollus
I use a shiny (not the supercheap black one but neither the luxury ones that come at silly prices) M42 to EOS adapter from Ebay, it focuses to infinity. I also have ZF lenses with ZF to EOS adapter and they focus to infinity. ZSs have a little lever to open and close the iris with a flick, which can be handy for focussing if you have no focus shift issues. The Planar 1,4/50 has them so the lever is not too useful.

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