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🕐 05-2-20 4:14 PMpaul sinclair
Photo 104262
I used the Distagon 35mm f2 ZE Classic. This photo I thought worked great in black and white. Best Regards Paul.
🕐 04-28-20 1:02 AMpaul sinclair
Photo 104263
Taken on my Covid-19 walk.
🕐 04-28-20 1:00 AMpaul sinclair
Photo 104262
Taken on my Covid-19 Walk.
🕐 01-28-20 2:13 PMpaul sinclair
Photo 104000
Photo of Jupiter taken with old Zeiss 200mm f2.8 Sonar electric lens. You can see 3 moons clearly, but the fourth is lying on the planets rim.
🕐 01-28-20 10:52 AMpaul sinclair
Photo: 103999
Liam Botham at the 18th St Andrews Old Course. This was taken at The 2018 Dunhill Cup. You can see the depth of field by looking at the grass. Very shallow at f3.5. Regards Paul.
🕐 01-28-20 10:43 AMpaul sinclair
Photo: 103996
Thank you. I had taken a lot of images of the Dive Ship which is owned by Technip FMC. My Eos 1 DS Mk 11 dose not have live view, and it can be difficult to get the focus spot on. I tend to bump up the ISO so I can use a smaller aperture. Regards Paul.
🕐 01-27-20 3:57 PMpaul sinclair
Photo: 103998
Timberlake and Keating at the Alfred Dunhill Cup 2019.
🕐 01-27-20 2:38 PMpaul sinclair
Photo: 103997
Ice Bucket. Royal Yacht Britannia. Ocean Terminal. Leith Docks Edinburgh.
🕐 01-27-20 2:34 PMpaul sinclair
Photo: 103996
Dive Support Ship in Leith Docks Edinburgh.
🕐 01-27-20 2:02 PMpaul sinclair
Photo: 103995
Photo was taken at The Glamis vintage vehicle extravaganza Scotland.
🕐 01-27-20 1:51 PMpaul sinclair
Photo: 103994
Photo was taken in Rose Street during the Edinburgh Festival.
🕐 01-10-20 8:08 AMpaul sinclair
Photo 102607
By: mr.t
Amazing photograph. Don't know the location or how accessible to allow timing the shot. but I think it is great. Regards Paul.
🕐 01-9-20 2:57 PMpaul sinclair
Photo - 103801
By: picman
Beautiful Photograph, Amazing light with the suns rays through the clouds. Its great to be at the right place at the right time. Regards Paul.
🕐 12-22-19 3:40 PMpaul sinclair
Photo - 103724
I did notice a complete lack of people using there mobile phones in this photo!
🕐 12-22-19 2:49 PMpaul sinclair
Photo - 103724
Photo Taken at Princes Street Gardens Fair 10/12/2019. Lens is 135mm F2 Zeiss Apo-sonnar.
🕐 12-22-19 2:16 PMpaul sinclair
Photo - 103717
Lens is 135mm F2 Apo-Sonnar. The depth of field at f2 is quite shallow, so I have a number of photos not quite in focus. Regards Paul.
🕐 12-21-19 3:38 PMpaul sinclair
Photo - 103721
Lens is 35mm F2 Distagon.
🕐 12-21-19 3:38 PMpaul sinclair
Photo - 103720
Lens is 35mm F2 Distagon.
🕐 12-21-19 3:37 PMpaul sinclair
Photo - 103717
Lady shooting Leica with Zeiss 35mm ZM Lens. Edinburgh Cockburn Street. Thursday 19th December. Lucky Focus. Depth of field very shallow at f2.
🕐 12-21-19 3:33 PMpaul sinclair
Photo - 103718
Nice Fiat Abarth taken on Cockburn Street Edinburgh Thursday 19th December. Zeiss 85mm F1.4 Planer. Can't afford an Otis lens yet, but still fantastic at f1.4. at high ISO.
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