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2016 - ZeissImages Contest Sponsored by Zeiss

By Jorge Torralba

The annual Zeissimages contest is on !

This years theme is "Bringing it Home" has a diverse group of members from all over the world. The thing that brings us here is our passion for photography and that beautiful Zeiss glass. Having said that, this years contest and theme is very open with it's subject matter and will give you the opportunity to show us where you are from in your own photographic style. Your home, your city, your country, your neighborhood, your culture or anything you can capture on film or a digital sensor depicting where you are from.

As always, our Friends at Zeiss are offering up a beautiful Zeiss lens of your choice from the list below to the winning photographer.

Contest Submissions will end on Christmas Day and Voting will begin after that.

Contest rules here:

Photos here:

Good Luck !


Reply from Jorge Torralba on 01-16-17 9:43 AM
It's January 16th and the 2016 ZeissImages Contest is over. The members have chosen a winner. The turnout was low this year but none the less a winner was chosen.

A big congrats to member Randall Richards who won with the following photo:

You can view the votes and see how each photo ranked here

Thank you once again for participating in the annual contest at ZeissImages sponsored by Zeiss.

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