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Chrome and IE render images poorly?

By Jorge Torralba

I have noticed that on my computer Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Opera render thumbnails and images poorly compared to Firefox.

I have done side by side comparison and Firefox is clearly much better for me. The question is whether its a setting on my computer or do you experience the same.

Let me know what you discover. But, do the following first to makes sure you are browsing the site like me.

From the top menu, click on settings and select "Square Thumbnails", then click on settings and select "White color theme"

Afterwards go to this page at the bottom left the thumbnail should be a guitar with a tuner. Comparing the same page with Firefox open and Chrome open, the lettering around the edge of the tuner is clearly much better on Firefox than on any of the other browsers I have compared with.

What is your take on the matter?

Chrome on left, FF on right.
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