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Comments by: UNITED STATES Torralba - 01-28-15 10:26 AM  
Photographer: UNITED STATES jhemp_00
That is great performance for a camera that so many look down on as a poor high iso performer. I have one and love my A99. It is the best ergo friendly camera I have ever owned. The photograph is superb and the lighting just makes it classic. Well done!
Comments by: UNITED STATES Torralba - 01-28-15 10:13 AM  
Photographer: UNITED STATES fotographz
bajanexile wrote:

Just plain gorgeous. Wish I could have shot it. Steve

That makes two of us. Would love to see more work from Frank.
Comments by: RUSSIA Eriver - 01-28-15 4:09 AM  
Photographer: RUSSIA eriver
Thank you ! =)
Comments by: BELGIUM - 01-28-15 12:50 AM  
Photographer: NETHERLANDS paqart
Beau portrait ! Félicitations !
Comments by: UNITED STATES Jhemp_00 - 01-27-15 11:33 AM  
Photographer: UNITED STATES jhemp_00
Thanks Aquilan,
I love the high ISO on the Sony A99. I love the feel of the noise after 3200 and up to ISO 8000. This shot was at ISO 8000.
Comments by: POLAND Shapencolour - 01-27-15 11:29 AM  
Photographer: UKRAINE mict
Comments by: DENMARK Pr_aero - 01-27-15 8:48 AM  
Photographer: RUSSIA eriver
Comments by: UNITED STATES Chris Moy - 01-27-15 7:46 AM  
Photographer: UNITED STATES Chris Moy
Thanks aquilan!
Comments by: POLAND Wa-pno - 01-27-15 7:38 AM  
Photographer: NETHERLANDS paqart
Comments by: UKRAINE Yuriylux - 01-27-15 2:58 AM  
Photographer: UNITED STATES jhemp_00

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