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Comments by: UNITED STATES torralba - 07-30-14 2:49 PM  
Photographer: ITALY umbe1958
come tutte le donne italiane, lei è una bella donna.
È la foto dovrebbe essere lateralmente?
Comments by: MACEDONIA tccin3d - 07-30-14 2:40 PM  
Photographer: NETHERLANDS jeroen
Comments by: ITALY umbe1958 - 07-30-14 10:36 AM  
Photographer: ITALY umbe1958
Thank you Filipeb. No excessive post-processing: just the film and the light.
Comments by: UNITED STATES adelemb - 07-30-14 8:58 AM  
Photographer: PORTUGAL filipeb
Beautiful portrait!
Comments by: PORTUGAL filipeb - 07-30-14 8:42 AM  
Photographer: ITALY umbe1958
Her face looks almost like a statue, beautiful BW treatment!
Comments by: UKRAINE yuriylux - 07-30-14 2:34 AM  
Photographer: MALAYSIA alexfoong
Comments by: UKRAINE yuriylux - 07-30-14 2:33 AM  
Photographer: UNITED STATES dalth500
Comments by: POLAND shapencolour - 07-29-14 10:18 PM  
Photographer: POLAND shapencolour
Thank you stimp.
Comments by: GERMANY z-enthusiast - 07-29-14 9:54 AM  
Photographer: UNITED STATES dalth500
With a nice nude on the bridge, it would be even better! KUDOS!
Comments by: PHILIPPINES koolbeep - 07-29-14 6:08 AM  
Photographer: PHILIPPINES koolbeep
thanks for the like ^_^b

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