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Orthodox Church in Radruz - XVI c
Orthodox Church in Radruz - XVI c
Street Perfermer
Street Perfermer

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Comments by: UNITED STATES torralba - 07-22-14 5:32 PM  
Photographer: NETHERLANDS paqart
It looks like he is dancing. Great shot!
Comments by: CANADA zeissy - 07-22-14 9:44 AM  
Photographer: CANADA zeissy
thanks Aquilan
Comments by: POLAND aquilan - 07-22-14 3:45 AM  
Photographer: CANADA zeissy
I like the palette of colours (within the contrast)
Comments by: POLAND aquilan - 07-22-14 3:44 AM  
Photographer: NETHERLANDS paqart
I like the intelligent distortions
Comments by: ITALY matteo morino - 07-21-14 3:21 PM  
Photographer: ITALY matteo morino
Thanks for visit and comment.

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