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CANADA grzesiek
Trekking tents Lebouche B
CANADA grzesiek
winter.going away.spring.

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Comments by: FRANCE Philber - 04-24-15 9:02 PM  
Photographer: SWITZERLAND donuss
Gréât picture, Donat!
Comments by: FRANCE Philber - 04-24-15 2:14 PM  
Photographer: FRANCE philber
I find it a great, really great lens. It set new standards for me, until I tried out the Otus 55, which I should be getting any day now. Having both in my bag will be fantastic
Comments by: UNITED STATES Torralba - 04-24-15 2:07 PM  
Photographer: FRANCE philber
How do you like the distagon? It rocks !
Comments by: UNITED STATES Dalth500 - 04-24-15 1:25 PM  
Photographer: UNITED STATES dalth500
I was a bit skeptical of the RX1 at first but after using it in challenging conditions like Everest I am convinced of its capabilities. Choosing between my D800e or Leica M (both with Zeiss glass) I would pack the Sony RX1 first next time in the Himalayas !
Comments by: POLAND Michal1980 - 04-24-15 10:03 AM  
Photographer: UNITED STATES dalth500

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