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CANADA btolley
Garry Point

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Comments by: POLAND Shapencolour - 01-31-15 11:56 AM  
Photographer: GERMANY alexpfeiffer
I would say that the dog looks delighted.
Comments by: UNITED STATES Akul - 01-31-15 3:55 AM  
Photographer: FRANCE philber
Gorgeous shot. Perfect light and composition. Bird too in the perfect place.
Comments by: POLAND Shapencolour - 01-31-15 2:34 AM  
Photographer: FRANCE philber
Comments by: FRANCE Philber - 01-30-15 11:50 PM  
Photographer: FRANCE philber
Thanks, Donat, Jorge!
Comments by: SWITZERLAND Donuss - 01-30-15 10:16 PM  
Photographer: GERMANY alexpfeiffer
its look like the Dog don't like Cox Orange

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