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CANADA grzesiek
Trekking tents Lebouche B
CANADA grzesiek
winter.going away.spring.

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Comments by: POLAND Shapencolour - 05-3-15 12:17 AM  
Photographer: UNITED STATES jhemp_00
Comments by: POLAND Shapencolour - 05-3-15 12:16 AM  
Photographer: POLAND michal1980
Comments by: CANADA Zeissy - 05-2-15 10:33 PM  
Photographer: CANADA zeissy
Hi everyone and thanks for all the comments - much appreciated! In answer to Operagrafica, the photo is not stitched and no extreme post, actually a bit of softening applied for mood.
Comments by: POLAND Aquilan - 05-2-15 7:39 PM  
Photographer: UNITED STATES jhemp_00
Comments by: CANADA Grzesiek - 05-2-15 6:29 PM  
Photographer: CANADA grzesiek
shapencolour, thanks for visiting..

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