Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Warsaw #3
Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Warsaw #4
Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Warsaw #5
Meeting in 55mm
Spring is coming, hooray!
Pedestrian bridge to East River
Beekman Place
Photo 26672
architecture: old & new
Admiring the View - Martins Bay, St John, Barbados, West Indies
Bikes and snow
My Nightmares

By Design (Industrial)

Beekman Place
My Nightmares
Click on photo to enlarge. © 2014 CANADA Zeissy

This photograph is Copyright and may NOT in part or in whole be reproduced in any electronic or printed medium without prior permission from the photographer.

NIKON D800 / Zeiss Distagon f2.0 35mm @ f/9

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CANADA zeissy 02-28-13 3:04 PM
thanks aquilan and Donat.
SWITZERLAND donuss 02-26-13 11:52 AM
Great with this structure and composition.
POLAND aquilan 02-24-13 7:55 PM
Great portion of complexity and details,
what to wish more ? ^_^
CANADA zeissy 02-24-13 6:39 PM
thanks very much Steve
UNITED KINGDOM bajanexile 02-24-13 3:39 PM
Great find and a nice bit of work. Steve

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