Beekman Place (Cityscape)

Pedestrian bridge to East River
Click on photo to enlarge. © 2015 UNITED STATES Lilia
Spring is coming, hooray!
Pedestrian bridge to East River
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architecture: old & new

X-E1 / Lens model not set / NA @ f/1.8

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POLAND aquilan 02-24-13 6:21 PM
This photo looks great...EBC 35mm performs really nice here and grain isn't so much visible here (compare to flowers photo, it likes two different sensors). I fully agree with Steve

UNITED STATES lilia 02-24-13 5:07 PM
Coming from you that's high praise.
Ya got good taste, my friend! Seriously, Beekman Place is only 1 block long but has more BILLIONAIRES, yes, with a B, than any other block in Manhattan. The tall, modern high rise at the end of the block is one of two towers. Johnny Carson, Edwin Newman (the late news anchor), and quite a few other "names" live here.
One of my other photos that shows a pedestrian bridge is a good vantage point to view the front of these townhouses. They are on the river.
When it gets warmer, will take some more photos. Came home absolutely frozen.
Best, Lilia
UNITED KINGDOM bajanexile 02-24-13 3:38 PM
Love this B&W image. Steve

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