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White Pine © 2016 Carol How

NIKON D800 | Zeiss Distagon f2.0 35mm | Z | @ f/10 | Nature

CANADA Photographer: Zeissy

EXIF | Gallery | Message | Link | Full Size | Posted: 2013-02-10 | Views: 450

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SWEDEN stickan1 02-15-13 1:07 PM - Rated it: 10

A rather special atmosphere in this one that I like, there is something almost surreal.

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CANADA zeissy 02-12-13 2:07 PM

Thanks George, yes the camera is quite particular, but its wonderful.

View profile for gpandel
UNITED STATES gpandel 02-11-13 7:16 PM

very nice indeed.
i seems the D800 likes you. you do well shooting with the camera...i find i need to be very careful with settings, focus and lens is very important...good job girl.

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