Ruinas Castillo
Bridge and snow
Nemo Strikes
Leica - SOOC Color
Steamy Leica - SOOC Mono
Portrait Leica - Mono
Dog Face
Photo 26339
Snow and icicle.
White Pine
Eight Toed Cat
2 Stacks
foggy day

forest path (Landscape)

Dog Face
foggy day
Click on photo to enlarge. © 2014 NETHERLANDS Paqart

This photograph is Copyright and may NOT in part or in whole be reproduced in any electronic or printed medium without prior permission from the photographer.

D800 / Zeiss Makro Planar f2.0 100mm @ f/2


NETHERLANDS paqart 02-11-13 12:10 AM
Thank you. You may have noticed a have a few similar shots from the last couple of days. This is because two days ago I was near the forest when I saw this long and spooky section of bike path at night. I took a picture of it, but then kept thinking about how this particular forest always makes me think of the children's story Hansel and Gretel. With that in mind, I kept going back at dusk (3 days in a row) until I had a shot that really matched that feeling. With this image, I was satisfied so I'm glad someone else spotted it.

By the way, I really enjoy your photos. I was going through them last night and found any to be inspiring. I was showing one of your butterfly images to my wife and daughter, both of whom also admired it, then referenced it later to my daughter as an inspiration to get some decent insect photos over the summer. I'm still new to photography, having worked professionally as a comic book artist, painter, illustrator, and CG artist. This just means that some things, like focusing on moving things like an insect or a person is still difficult for me. Today I will be practicing on that at Carnaval celebrations in town but in the meantime am very curious how you and other photographers get such perfect focus on moving objects.

SWITZERLAND donuss 02-10-13 11:09 PM
Nice mood look like a dream.

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