low light
Cap good hope
f\4, 1\80c, iso 100
Photo 26299
Rainy intersection
Chelsea boots
L. Portiña I
L. Portiña II
L. Cazalegas I
L. Cazalegas II
Ruinas Castillo

Photo 26299 (Uncategorized)

Ruinas Castillo
Click on photo to enlarge. © 2014 RUSSIA Igor

This photograph is Copyright and may NOT in part or in whole be reproduced in any electronic or printed medium without prior permission from the photographer.

D3S / Zeiss Planar f1.4 85mm @ f/5.6

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RUSSIA igor 02-10-13 11:50 PM
Спасибо! Краски природы и правда богаты своей палитрой!!!
RUSSIA fotolka 02-10-13 11:12 PM - Rated it: 10
видимо богатые рудами горы дают столь разноцветный окрас, приятная игра красок.
UKRAINE vler001 02-10-13 9:19 AM
Very nice palette of colours.
POLAND aquilan 02-9-13 11:14 PM
Interesting colours

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