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Fiddlers Creek
Photo 26246
f\9, 1\500, iso 100
f\2, 1\1600, iso 100
f\9, 1\250, iso 100

Tree Tales © 2016 Carol How

NIKON D800 | Zeiss Distagon f2.0 35mm | Z | @ f/9 | Landscape

CANADA Photographer: Zeissy

Photographer Notes:

In camera multiple exposure

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CANADA zeissy 02-6-13 10:43 PM

thanks for your comments aquilan and kanzer

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SPAIN kanzer16 02-6-13 4:45 AM

I love, perhaps that puts you in a cool environment as mystery.
Very good decision.

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POLAND aquilan 02-5-13 4:04 PM - Rated it: 10

Great shot Carol Thanks for Your discuss about details of technique

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CANADA zeissy 02-5-13 1:55 PM

thanks Debby - its an in camera multiple exposure of 10 shots.~ Because I was at the bottom of a little knoll looking up at the trunk - the trunk background was the foggy sky - not the ground as you would usually see.


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UNITED STATES canicuss 02-5-13 1:19 PM

Fascinating shot. Is it a double exposure, a reflection or an illusion?

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