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Mt. Fuji at sunrise
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It snows too early..

Autumn Girl (Portraits)

It snows too early..
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This photograph is Copyright and may NOT in part or in whole be reproduced in any electronic or printed medium without prior permission from the photographer.

D700 / Zeiss Makro Planar f2.0 100mm

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UNITED STATES dalth500 03-5-13 10:26 AM - Rated it: 9
Great picture - reminiscent of an old Kodak promo photo!! Well done!!
UNITED STATES akul 11-2-12 2:59 PM
I like the color of leaves and dress and the wonderful expression on her face. Very special.
UNITED KINGDOM bajanexile 11-2-12 7:24 AM
GERMANY z-enthusiast 11-2-12 3:02 AM
I like this hopeful image very much, just in view of the awful Sandy desaster in the U.S.A.
UNITED STATES canicuss 11-1-12 7:27 PM
Beautiful photo, the lighting is so warm.
UNITED STATES d.ortego 11-1-12 8:49 AM
Like it a lot although I would have cropped out more of the tree.

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