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Water of Life © 2015 Steve Watson

EOS 5D MK.II | Zeiss Distagon f2.8 21mm | Z | @ f/8 | Architecture

UNITED KINGDOM Photographer: Bajanexile

Photographer Notes:

Fountain in the Nave, Salisbury Cathedral, Wiltshire, England.

Salisbury Cathedral, formally known as the Cathedral Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary, is an Anglican cathedral in Salisbury, England, and is considered one of the leading examples of Early English architecture.[1] The main body was completed in only 38 years, from 1220 to 1258.

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UNITED KINGDOM bajanexile 07-29-13 7:55 AM

Thanks for leaving a comment Joey, it is much appreciated. Steve

UNITED STATES gpandel 07-24-13 7:29 PM - Rated it: 8

what a great image beautifully shot and presented lovely work

ITALY italy74 07-8-13 5:45 AM

First, I couldn't have showed a better pic and I'm always in awe when seeing such beautiful architecture photos. Everything is perfect, also the colorful reflection in the cristal water of the far window. My only wonder is if shooting from a bit higher point of view would have rendered a more balanced image between foreground and background. Now the depth of the fountain is compressed against your eyes as if it would come out the screen, and this is of sure impact but also a little disturbing. From a higher point of view you might have separated it, emphatized the depth of the cathedral while maintaining proportions acceptable for the eyes.

UNITED STATES redskeeter 05-6-13 6:05 PM - Rated it: 10


UNITED KINGDOM bajanexile 05-6-13 12:58 PM

Thank you for commenting starrynight. Best regards Steve

UNITED STATES starrynight 05-6-13 12:04 PM

Amazing. Nicely done!

UNITED KINGDOM bajanexile 08-7-12 1:06 PM

Thanks dr. harout and .Z.

GERMANY z-enthusiast 08-7-12 10:16 AM


UNITED KINGDOM bajanexile 08-7-12 9:50 AM

Thank you for commenting eitan1.

ARMENIA dr. harout 08-7-12 9:43 AM

I always admire church architecture, and this one is great as architecture and as a photo.

ISRAEL eitan1 08-7-12 9:07 AM

Amazing picture

UNITED KINGDOM bajanexile 08-7-12 6:24 AM

Thank you all for your comments and support, it is much appreciated. Steve

CANADA zeissy 08-7-12 12:53 AM


POLAND shapencolour 08-6-12 10:06 PM

Excellent picture.Very strong visual impact.

UNITED STATES canicuss 08-6-12 9:10 PM

It's really fabulous when viewed large, the reflection of the stained glass in the water has so much detail.

UNITED STATES lilia 08-6-12 8:55 PM

Think I'm running out of superlatives. This one is amazing!

CANADA joecan 08-6-12 4:34 PM

A gold medal for this amazing image. And yes, thanks for the caption/note.

UNITED STATES rickperry 08-6-12 4:32 PM

Outsatnding shot Steve,

Amazing architecture for sure!


POLAND aquilan 08-6-12 3:52 PM

Superb reflex and overall quality

BELGIUM 08-6-12 2:59 PM

Fantastique !!!

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