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Sunset Train © 2016 Carol How

D300S | Zeiss Planar f1.4 50mm | Z | f/8 | ISO 400 | 2012 - Contest

CANADA Photographer: Zeissy

Photographer Notes:

Skytrain, Vancouver, BC, Canada

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RATED 7.64


View profile for philber
FRANCE philber 02-21-16 1:16 PM

Creative, original, aesthetically pleasing... Super work, Carol!

View profile for philber
FRANCE philber 02-21-16 1:16 PM

Creative, original, aesthetic

View profile for chriseeo
GREECE chriseeo 02-6-13 12:29 PM - Rated it: 8

I really missed this one. Train photography at its best.

View profile for zeissy
CANADA zeissy 05-3-12 10:10 PM - Rated it: 10

Thanks Joey and Jerry!

View profile for losenior
UNITED STATES losenior 05-3-12 6:11 PM

Fantastic photo, tones and color are incredible.
What a photo, one of the Best posted.

View profile for zeissy
CANADA zeissy 04-29-12 10:36 PM - Rated it: 10

Thanks everyone!

View profile for akul
UNITED STATES akul 04-29-12 4:26 PM

Really nice composition

View profile for aquilan
POLAND aquilan 04-29-12 12:00 PM

Indeed great colours and concept

View profile for donuss
SWITZERLAND donuss 04-29-12 6:50 AM

Great idea and composition like this

View profile for joecan
CANADA joecan 04-29-12 6:19 AM

I do agree with Rick. I had the impression of flying above. Nice angle, new view.

View profile for rickperry
UNITED STATES rickperry 04-29-12 4:51 AM


Nice abstract of the Train - looks like you must have been flying around with Superman to get the shot. Good eye.



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