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Brooklyn and Manhattan
On the Inside
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Central Park Reservoir
Orchard Spirit

Heads of State © 2015 Joe Josephs

D700 | Zeiss Distagon f2.8 21mm | Z | @ f/4 | Uncategorized

UNITED STATES Photographer: Jimi1127

Photographer Notes:

(c. 1550-c. 1292 BC) is perhaps the best known of all the dynasties of ancient Egypt. As well as boasting a number of Egypt's most famous pharaohs, it included Tutankhamun, the finding of whose tomb by Howard Carter in 1922 was a sensational archaeological discovery despite its having been twice disturbed by tomb robbers.

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CANADA zeissy 02-22-13 9:34 PM

Great mystery with all those shadows!

UNITED KINGDOM bajanexile 03-9-12 10:28 AM

Nice B&W.

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