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flod in bangkok
Photo 16144

CANON EOS 5D MARK II / Zeiss Planar f1.4 50mm / Z @ f/5.6

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NETHERLANDS jeroen 12-24-14 8:45 AM

Thanks Jorge,

UNITED STATES torralba 12-23-14 10:53 AM

Amazing in so many ways. This is awesome!

NETHERLANDS jeroen 05-9-14 4:28 AM

Thanks paul,

UNITED KINGDOM paul jones 05-9-14 3:20 AM

Nice light

NETHERLANDS jeroen 01-20-14 12:46 AM

Thanks Peter,


NETHERLANDS stevox 08-15-13 12:47 AM - Rated it: 8

Very nice, great colors and lightning.

NETHERLANDS jeroen 06-2-13 8:22 AM

Thanks Joe.

POLAND aquilan 04-7-13 2:25 PM

I missed it before, great lighting and dynamic range.

NETHERLANDS jeroen 02-6-13 10:36 AM

Thanks Carol,
Experiences like this make me realise that "we" don't have to complain......
If the Asmat people don't catch a fish, they don't eat.

CANADA zeissy 02-3-13 7:15 PM

Really like the story telling elements in this image, its fascinating!

NETHERLANDS jeroen 11-16-11 11:24 PM

We actually slept in the longhouse, among the Asmat people. A wonderful experience.

Thx for the comment.

UNITED STATES nomad 11-16-11 2:32 PM

I love the detail and color contrast Jeroen, very nice!

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