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Jesień idzie przez park
Jesień idzie przez park
Jesień idzie przez park
Jesień idzie przez park
Jesień idzie przez park
Jesień idzie przez park
Jesień idzie przez park
Jesień idzie przez park

Japanese Bridge at Loose Park (2012 Contest)

Jesień idzie przez park
This photo is featured in the Hall of Fame.
Click on photo to enlarge. © 2014 UNITED STATES Canicuss

This photograph is Copyright and may NOT in part or in whole be reproduced in any electronic or printed medium without prior permission from the photographer.

DSLR-A700 / Zeiss ZA Vario-Sonnar DT f3.5-f4.5 16-80mm @ f/11

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Liked by 5 photographers


UNITED STATES adelemb 06-26-14 3:10 PM
Absolutely gorgeous!
NETHERLANDS jeroen 02-7-13 1:04 PM
UNITED STATES lilia 02-6-13 5:02 PM
UNITED STATES canicuss 12-29-12 8:13 AM - Rated it: 10
UNITED STATES dehidding 12-29-12 5:35 AM - Rated it: 2
Very nice
UNITED STATES canicuss 12-8-12 9:48 PM - Rated it: 10
Thanks for the kind comments james and kanuck!
KOREA REPUBLIC kanuck 12-8-12 6:42 PM - Rated it: 6
Beautiful autumn colors on display here. Just like an oil painting. Excellent image.
UNITED STATES jamesptao 12-2-12 10:49 PM - Rated it: 10
Stunning photo! The cooler color with the tree in the foreground and the hot orange of the tree in the background with subtle reflection in the middle create a really well balanced composition.
UNITED STATES canicuss 07-26-12 7:09 AM - Rated it: 10
I would never leave home if I had that in my backyard. Thanks for the comments.
UNITED STATES d.ortego 07-26-12 6:36 AM - Rated it: 10
Wow! Can you imagine this as your back yard? Great capture with beautiful colors.
UNITED KINGDOM bajanexile 11-23-11 9:04 AM
Nice composition and nice colours. Steve
UNITED STATES canicuss 11-14-11 8:42 AM - Rated it: 10
Thank you, Donat.
SWITZERLAND donuss 11-13-11 10:35 AM
Great autumn colors like this
UNITED STATES canicuss 11-12-11 4:50 PM - Rated it: 10
Thanks for Rick and Carol!
CANADA zeissy 11-12-11 12:16 PM - Rated it: 10
This is such a great combination of all the elements ~ excellent work!
UNITED STATES kristin416 11-7-11 4:55 PM
Simply beautiful!
UNITED STATES rickperry 11-7-11 7:20 AM

Really great shot - Color and Composition - just perfect.

UNITED STATES canicuss 11-7-11 7:17 AM - Rated it: 10
Thanks, redskeeter.
UNITED STATES redskeeter 11-6-11 6:20 PM
Awesome scene!
UNITED STATES canicuss 11-6-11 3:49 PM - Rated it: 10
Thanks akul.
UNITED STATES akul 11-6-11 1:56 PM - Rated it: 10
Amazing capture.
UNITED STATES canicuss 11-6-11 11:34 AM - Rated it: 10
It's in Kansas City, Missouri and thanks.
UNITED STATES torralba 11-6-11 10:36 AM
On fire! Wow. Where is Loose Park?

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