Photo 12601 (2012 Contest)

Sunset Victoria Harbour Hong Kong
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Nothing like a good foot rub
Lovely mix colours
Photo 12601
Sunset Victoria Harbour Hong Kong

CANON EOS 5D MARK II / Zeiss Distagon f2.8 21mm / Z

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UNITED KINGDOM bajanexile 02-23-13 2:16 AM
Top shot!
UNITED STATES oof 12-8-12 7:46 AM - Rated it: 10
Great use of light, perspective, texture, and movement in the composition.
UNITED STATES nomad 10-11-11 4:50 PM - Rated it: 10
Thank you Carol! I was pretty happy with the low noise at 2500. It turned out better than expected quite frankly.
CANADA zeissy 10-10-11 8:00 PM - Rated it: 6
What a perspective and at ISO 2500! Your metering is wonderful in this situation too.
CANADA joecan 07-4-11 5:03 AM
UNITED STATES nomad 07-4-11 4:38 AM - Rated it: 10
Thx! Actually this is the underground concourse between the East and West buildings at the National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C. A very cool place for photography I might add. You can easily spend the better part of a day there. I'd love to go back and explore it some more actually.
UNITED STATES alphazeiss 07-3-11 10:49 PM
that's a wow!! - a great perspective!
(is that in an airport?)

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