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Near the fence line
Near the fence line
Near the fence line
KZ memorial at Engerhafe
Watching the scene
Relax chairs
Dike lawn mowers
Porcelain dolls
The Ugly Duckling.

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Comments by: POLAND aquilan - 09-23-14 12:34 AM  
Photographer: AUSTRIA cyra
IMHO Planar is Stellar performer maybe sharpness is inferior but it's bokeh is more pleasant for me than bokeh of Apo-Lenses. Zeiss Otorum Bokeh remind me effect of adapting apodization filter. It has been provided by Fuji in their new version of Fujinon 56mm. It's a little psychological effect, when You blur the background more the first plane is judged to be more sharp in opposite.
Bokeh of (no-Apo) Planar is most favorite for me
Comments by: UNITED KINGDOM reds - 09-22-14 2:29 PM  
Photographer: UNITED KINGDOM reds
Hi JJ - thanks Lighting was indeed a beauty dish. A small (18") white Elinchrom dish only just out of shot above her and a lastolite Triflector in front to throw some light back in to her chin and around her face. No backlight - just a simple radial gradient in Lightroom. There's a little more post/re-touching on this shot than I'd normally do - that was the kind of look we were after Cheers, Nick.
Comments by: UNITED STATES jjpaque03 - 09-22-14 2:09 PM  
Photographer: UNITED KINGDOM reds
very nice portrait. Would you let me know how you set your lights? I will guess, beauty dish and back light .
Comments by: UKRAINE yuriylux - 09-21-14 11:30 PM  
Photographer: UNITED KINGDOM reds
Comments by: UNITED KINGDOM reds - 09-21-14 4:58 PM  
Photographer: UNITED KINGDOM reds
Thank you The 135 is by far my favourite portrait lens. I only wish I had a room long enough to use it for 3/4 & full length shots! But for headshots - it's ideal. Has that Zeiss magic for colour & skin tone.

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