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Canon 5DMkII Body with sh
St. Ludwig Church
Church St. Ludwig in Darm
Unfortunately gone
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Comments by: POLAND aquilan - 08-19-14 2:20 AM  
Photographer: POLAND aquilan
Thanks Peter for Your comment

Thanks Joe for Your comment too, this red boat is for a safety reasons. Dragon is cruise ship, so it need at least one life raft. I would be happier too if it would be stylized with age of sails
Comments by: POLAND aquilan - 08-19-14 2:13 AM  
Photographer: UNITED STATES mytwocents
Nice composition
Comments by: CANADA joecan - 08-18-14 9:35 PM  
Photographer: UNITED STATES draniki
Nice image, interesting crop.
Comments by: CANADA joecan - 08-18-14 9:32 PM  
Photographer: POLAND aquilan
The red inflatable boat is ruining the image. Sometimes we have to live with this things
Nice ship, great exposure
Comments by: UNITED STATES photosphere42 - 08-18-14 6:42 PM  
Photographer: UNITED STATES photosphere42
Lens: Rokinon 85mm f1.4. After the Flood!

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