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Mr Sabir of Nanga Parbat
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Ascending Chatyn-Tau West
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Comments by: POLAND aquilan - 10-23-14 12:53 AM  
Photographer: AUSTRIA cyra
Moving landscape IMHO
Comments by: GERMANY z-enthusiast - 10-23-14 12:52 AM  
Photographer: ITALY umbe1958
I would like it better, if the model would look with her big eyes, straight into the camera! That the eyes not in crisp focus, is not disturbing, at least for me!
Comments by: GERMANY z-enthusiast - 10-23-14 12:45 AM  
Photographer: GERMANY soncek
Nicely captured at Binz at Germany┬┤s largest island Ruegen !
Comments by: DENMARK pr_aero - 10-22-14 12:31 PM  
Photographer: DENMARK pr_aero
Thanks for commenting my picture.
Yes for sure its much easier to make nice pictures when subject is already nice to begin with And I also enjoy it even more when my viewing frame is nice whatever this may be a beutiful woman, flower, car, landscape....

regards pr
Comments by: UNITED STATES photosphere42 - 10-22-14 9:26 AM  
Photographer: UNITED STATES zblake
I wonder about his life's story? A powerful image.

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