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This Hall of Fame photo was taken by featured photographer Dogmablue. It was selected for it's exceptional artistic and image qualities.

The photograph was taken with a Zeiss ZA Vario-Sonnar f2.8 24–70mm. To see more photos from Dogmablue please visit the gallery by clicking here.

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Photographer: CANADA Grzesiek


Zeiss Distagon f2.8 21mm

On 2015-04-25 Dalth500 wrote:

Great composition and use of a classic Zeiss lens

Photographer: UNITED STATES Dalth500

Durbar Square Katmandu - Now Rubble

Zeiss G Biogon 21mm f2.8

On 2015-04-25 Dalth500 wrote:

This is the Durbar section of Katmandu that was seriously damaged by the recent earthquake in Nepal

Photographer: UNITED STATES Dalth500

Bodhanath Stupa Katmandu

Zeiss ZM Tele-Tessar  f4 85mm

On 2015-04-25 Dalth500 wrote:

I suspect this 1,000 year old Buddhist Stupa was damaged by yesterday's earthquake in Nepal - it is a UNESCO Heritage site

Photographer: SWITZERLAND Donuss


Zeiss Distagon f1.4 35mm

On 2015-04-24 Philber wrote:

Gréât picture, Donat!

Photographer: FRANCE Philber

Photo: 43128

Zeiss Distagon f1.4 35mm

On 2015-04-24 Philber wrote:

I find it a great, really great lens. It set new standards for me, until I tried out the Otus 55, which I should be getting any day now. Having both in my bag will be fantastic

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