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This Hall of Fame photo was taken by featured photographer Denoir. It was selected for it's exceptional artistic and image qualities.

The photograph was taken with a Zeiss Makro Planar f2.0 100mm. To see more photos from Denoir please visit the gallery by clicking here.

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Photographer: CANADA Zeissy

Into The Crater

Zeiss Makro Planar f2.0 100mm

On 2015-05-04 Operagrafica wrote:

I am missing for some time and I'd lost this. It has the strength of an abstract painting.

Photographer: POLAND Shapencolour

Photo: 43266

Zeiss C/Y Makro-Planar 60mm f2.8 C

On 2015-05-04 Shapencolour wrote:

Thank you Wojtek.

Photographer: UNITED STATES Dalth500

Up Leboche Pass

Zeiss G Biogon 28mm f2.8

On 2015-05-04 Yuriylux wrote:


Photographer: NETHERLANDS Paqart

Mandy And Oscar

Lens model not set

On 2015-05-03 Paqart wrote:

Thanks! I spent an afternoon with these two models in Amsterdam, shooting them in various parts of the city with an 80mm lens and an off-camera flash unit. This shot is natural light with a 28mm lens, and was probably the easiest to shoot, but I liked it the best. The only tricky part about shooting this is that the counter is barely ten inches deep, so I had to cram myself into the window to get this image.

Photographer: NETHERLANDS Paqart

Parkour Group, Rotterdam

Lens model not set

On 2015-05-03 Paqart wrote:

28mm actually, but it is medium format lens, so it is the equivalent of 19mm. This shot took almost two hours to capture. The athletes in the shot had to time their jumps precisely to land in the right pose and the right part of the image. To do that, we had to see each jump individually, then with two, then three, then all four of them. When we finally got it, it was a great feeling.
I also had secondary lighting from a couple of strong (500WS) flash units on light stands positioned behind the concrete walls.

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