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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

First of all, thank you for visiting. Below are some updated FAQ's and Rules which you may find helpful after so many updates to the site.

Number 1 rule. All photographs on this site photograph are Copyright and may NOT in part or in whole be reproduced in any electronic or printed medium without prior permission from the photographer.

General FAQ's

Hall of Fame vs MVP
Hall of Fame photos are selected by a few people only. Moderators, Administrators etc ... They represent what we believe to be exceptional photographs taken by our members.

MVP photos are selected by all members based on the number of likes a photographs receives in a week. In other words, the member has some control of which photo will be MVP. These photos represent exceptional work recognized by various members.

HOF and MVP photos can be viewed by Selecting the option from the "photos" menu along the top of the page.

How do I change the way things look? On the top menu there is an option called "Settings' From there you can switch between "Square" thumbnails or "Original Format" thumbnails. I personally prefer the Square one but who cares what I like. I just wrote the software. From the same settings menu you can also select the site color themes, the number of thumbnails to display per page and the sort order of the thumbnails.

How do I see full size uncompressed images? Just click on the icon when you see it above the left side of a photo.

I uploaded a photo and want to replace it. How do I do that? On the top right of each photograph, you will see the icon. Click on that, then select "Replace Photo".

How do I change or edit photo details On the top right of each photograph, you will see an edit icon. Click on that, make your changes then click apply at the bottom.

How to delete a photo Just click on the icon when you see it.

Who likes what this and that? On the top menu, there is an option labeled "Comments" underneath of that menu there are several choices depending if you are logged in or not. Visible to everyone is the ability to see Comments and Likes. If you are logged in m you can also select Comments posted by you or Comments posted for you.

I want to add a photo to my favorites. How ?
Just click on the icon or click on the icon then click subscribe.

I want to remove a photo from my favorites. How ?
From the "My" menu options, click on "My Favorite Photos" then click on to remove it.

I want to be notified when someone upload a photo
Click on their name to see their profile. Then Click on Subscribe next to Notifications.

I hate thumbnails. Is there another view ? Click on the icon to see a Roll of Film view instead.

Favorite Lenses View. What is that? From the "My" menu option, create a list of your favorite lenses. Then you can easily see pictures taken with your favorite lenses when you click on "Lens Browser" from the "Photo" top menu and select "Browse Favorite Lenses". You can also select other lenses to view.

What is Batch Process Photos? From the "Photos" menu select "Batch Process Photos" to make changes to more than one photo at a time.

What is My Lenses ? This lets you creat a list of lenses you won then assign them to photos as you upload them.

What is My Cameras? Same as My lenses but for cameras not automatically listed in EXIF data such as Film Cameras.

How do I add a camera to the list of existing cameras? Add it once under the Edit Photo details and it will bethere for others to use as well. You must wait an hour or so for this to be globally recognized.

How do I donate and help run our site? Just click on the "Donate" button on the top menu.

I don't see the answer I a looking for. What do I do? Send us and email or start a forum thread and I will answer the question and add it to this list.

What is the best gallery software and site? You are looking at it

Even a one time donation or subscription can go a long way in helping run the site. Use the donate button of your choice.

Thanks for your support !

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