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🕐 12-27-17 4:52 PMhyperfocal
Photo 40502
By: jeroen
Amazing color.
🕐 12-27-17 4:01 PMhyperfocal
Photo 45224
By: jeroen
I like this one. The texture of those rocky fins combined with hue of the light makes this image for me.
🕐 12-27-17 3:58 PMhyperfocal
Photo 51334
By: jeroen
Very elegant.
🕐 12-27-17 3:57 PMhyperfocal
Photo 53548
By: jeroen
Dreamy quality to this one...
🕐 12-27-17 3:55 PMhyperfocal
Photo 53550
By: jeroen
Calendar photo in good sense of the word.
🕐 12-27-17 3:54 PMhyperfocal
Photo 53554
By: jeroen
Great. I like the idea of sun not being dead in the center of the frame. You must've cropped some.
🕐 12-27-17 3:51 PMhyperfocal
Col di Lana
By: jeroen
Well executed landscape. The fog and alpenglow add aura of mystery.
🕐 12-27-17 3:36 PMhyperfocal
Oregon strawberries
Love the shallow DOF here.
🕐 12-27-17 3:27 PMhyperfocal
Through the Arch
Great moment capture, nice framing.
🕐 12-27-17 11:32 AMi1rsv
cup nirvana
great idea
🕐 12-26-17 8:10 PMnathanwestcott
Photo 21414
Love the colors. Nice work!
🕐 12-26-17 7:03 PMhyperfocal
Longshadows, Acqui Terme, Italy
Very well executed...
🕐 12-26-17 2:34 PMfotographz
In a fog
By: j-b
Beautiful. You have photographed a visual for the Robert Frost Poem: The woods are lovely, dark, and deep, But I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep, And miles to go before I sleep.
🕐 12-26-17 2:27 PMfotographz
By: west
WoW(!) well done
🕐 12-26-17 2:19 PMfotographz
the nothingness of this is wonderful
🕐 12-26-17 2:15 PMfotographz
Photo 55677
By: tivv
good "eye" in seeing this to make a photo of it. The four small faces against that big bald head.
🕐 12-26-17 2:11 PMfotographz
The Source
This is simply beautiful...light painting with sunlight.
🕐 12-26-17 2:06 PMfotographz
Photo 55718
By: tivv
I see pain and passion.
Wow...great use of light and shadow.
🕐 12-26-17 2:01 PMfotographz
Gotcha Calvin!
It is not just how you managed to capture him looking at you but how everyone else around him are all unaware while going their individual directions.
niceley done
🕐 12-26-17 4:05 AMbajanexile
Hiking in Saxon Wessex
Shot from the White Horse way at the top of the North Wessex Downs, Wiltshire, England/

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV with Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS Mark II lens @400mm, f/10, 1/1250 sec and ISO 1600. See: https://www.ldwa.org.uk/ldp/members/show_path.php?path_name=White +Horse+Trail